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Coed Youth Registration Winter 19/20

Coed Youth Registration Winter 19/20

If you are interested in registering your Children and have some questions , please contact Greenfield Arena Midtown Manager Youth League Onsite Cordinator

Please read carefully below and click on the link at the end to begin your registration.


• League play will middle of september and last 7 weeks. (Games will be played , December 7,14,21, January 11,18,25, February 1,8)

• For League play, some existing players will remain on existing teams while some players will be assigned to a different team in another division, due to skill or age. New players to the league will be allocated to an existing team or a new team based on skill and age.

• If many new players are registered, there will be a skill session to identify skill levels in order to assign players to the appropriate team.

• Initial Divisions U10 – U13 – U16, may be expanded to more categories, based on request or age of players who register.

• Parents can suggest division desires for their child in the registration.

• Games will be played every Saturday starting at 9am and after. Game times and schedule will be dictated by number of teams and age groups.

• All players, parents, and coaches shall abide by league rules and policies. (

• There will be a 5 goal differential maximum rule per game

• Teams will receive special pricing for practice rentals

• Greenfield’s Youth League is a Developmental League, encouraging and promoting fun, working together as a team, and sportsmanship, all while learning the game.


League Play only:

$80.00 (Early registration price if you sign up your kid before November 23rd)

$95.00 ( Regular Price)

Family Discounts:

• 2 players registered in one family will receive a $20 discount

• 3 players registered in one family will receive a $ 30 discount

• Discount will be applied to the credit card used after completing registration. Discount will appear on your credit card as a refund from Greenfield Arena 3-7 Business  days after registration.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to help you.

Rene Pulido / Manager

Vanessa Henley / Youth League Cordinator


Greenfield Mobile App for Parents and Athletes Getting Started Tips

If you are a parent or athlete and are new to Greenfield Arena, here are some helpful tips to get you started. Also, you can download the Getting Started Guide for Parents and Athletes guide which goes into detail on how to use Greenfield Arena SportsEngine to manage your player's season. 

Here are some helpful articles to get you started:
Creating a Greenfield Arena  Account
Logging Into Your Greenfield Arena Account
Installing the Greenfield Arena SportsEngine Mobile App
Following Your Team on the Greenfield Arena Mobile App
Updating Your Notification Settings
Subscribing to a Team Calendar Using an iCal Feed   

Deadline Player Registration


Youth Leagues at Midtown Facility

Fun, Safe and good times... Register your kid today !!! Youth Indoor Soccer Leagues All year around.

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League Levels and Competitions

I would like to remind to every parent that our training sessions are 100% focused on developing  the base skills to play sports. We will focus on teaching coordination, with and without a ball, passing, ball control and play time formation. Our goal for each training session is taught all players the basic skills of soccer so that they may learn to love and enjoy a beautiful game filled with fun, sportsmanship and the absence of frustration. 

Tentatively the game times will be:

  • U10 League :  9:00am and 11:00am
  • U13 League :  11:00am and 01:00pm 
  • U16 League:  01:00pm and 03:00pm 

East Location
Rene Pulido / Manager
6161 Shelby Oaks Dr.,Memphis TN 38134
Click Here for a Map

(901) 474-3544
Greenfield Arena Indoor Soccer Complex

Midtown Location
Rene Pulido / Manager
820 S Willett St., Memphis TN 38104
Click Here for a Map